Go Went Gone
Sixth Annual Exhibition :: 21.12 :: 2018 - 21.01 :: 2019

Go Went Gone
Exhibition by artists from Varna, who have left the town forever, for a long term, or to live and work in other cities in Bulgaria or abroad.
Sixth Аnnual Еxhibition of Contemporary Space.
21 December 2018 – 21 January 2019
opening 21 December at 7 p.m.
Contemporary Space, 23, Marko Balabanov St.

Authors: Neno Belchev (Los Angeles, California), Georgi Bogdanov / Boris Missirkov (Sofia, Bulgaria), Gery Georgieva (London, United Kingdom), Nedko Zhechev (Antwerp, Belgium), Milen Krastev (Kassel, Germany), Peter Mintchev (Austin, Texas), Orlin Nedelchev (Sofia, Bulgaria), Trendafila Trendafilova (Sofia, Bulgaria), Hristina Tasheva (Bodegraven, Netherlands)

Curators: Biliana Rubinova, Daniela Radeva

Given Hemingway’s winged words, it would be against logic to leave a town like Varna. However, the list of artists, who are leaving it, is constantly growing. This simple statistics gives rise to the initial impulse of Biliana Rubinova and Vasil Daskalov to organize an exhibition of the contemporary Varna artists who have left the town.
The subject of the exhibition could be political and critical, or sentimental, to be dedicated to the town. To comment on migrations in the modern world, or on the abstract idea of travel and movement. It can tell stories about the sea, or about childhood. Or, even quite abstractly, to interprete the meaning of the title “Go Went Gone”. However, since the invited artists are diverse as interests, trends and means of expression, the exhibition does not have a set specific theme. Some of the works have been specially created on this occasion, others are exhibited for the first time in Varna.

Artist’s Videoprofiles