Daniela Radeva – curator

Daniela Radeva (1977) graduated in Art History from the National Art Academy in Sofia in 2003. Since 2004 she is working at the Sofia City Art Gallery, and since 2012 is the curator of the Contemporary Art and Photography fund. In 2009 she received the Selected Literature for Writers in Art Award of the Institute of Contemporary Arts – Sofia. She curates exhibitions, among which: “Art Start”, Credo Bonum Gallery and Goethe Institute, Sofia, together with Vessela Nozharova and Stefka Tsaneva; “In The Labelling Gap”, Sofia City Art Gallery, 2016; “Do You Understand Me? I do”, The Fridge, Sofia, 2015, with Ivana Nencheva; “What Do You See?”, Sofia City Art Gallery, 2015, with Maria Vassileva. Since 2014 she is publishing in the Portal Kultura. She is also collaborating with the Bureau Artrecord platform and the radio show Moleskin.