Iskra Blagoeva :: 24.10 - 18.11 :: 2017

Iskra Blagoeva
24 October – 18 November
Opening: October 24, 7:00 p.m.

‘White Exhibition’ is an extract from several frank deceptions masked behind the seeming purity of the white color. An extract from the work of Iskra Blagoeva, where there are actually many literally and figuratively “black” works. This exhibition will compromise the ideas of innocence, happiness, beauty and love. In fact, it is about suggestions through lie – through mystical folk practices to modern medicine methods. It is also about the outright pessimism “Never trust happy artists”. Iskra Blagoeva does not pretend, either as a woman or as an artist – she does not simulate consent of either moral or artistic conventional categories. Instead of following the behavior of traditional feminism, she uses the full capacity of her womanliness, using the privileges of artists to show no consideration for anything.

Daniela Radeva