Vladislav Georgiev - Ivan Paskalev :: 03.05 - 02.06 :: 2018

Vladislav Georgiev and Ivan Paskalev
3 May – 2 June, Contemporary Space Gallery, Varna
opening 3 May, 7:30 p.m.

The second exhibition of the Kreo Kultura Foundation Project “Two Equals One” dedicated to artistic collaborations showcases the works of two authors, who not only work together for the first time but, at first sight, they are not quite alike. They take interest in different matters and work using completely different techniques and means of expression. Despite the differences, especially for Contemporary Space, Ivan Paskalev and Vladislav Georgiev invent and make their joint self-portrait using a mix of techniques and technologies typical of each of them. What is more essential, however, is the their arrival at a common subject based on incompatible creative orientations. The title of the exhibition does not correspond adequately to any of the exhibited works. It’s not about luck or happiness at all. The word has been chosen by the artists as a metaphor of the short-lived, inconsistent and transient. References to immortal artistic aphorisms and genres like “Ars longa, vita brevis” or “Vanitas” are not excluded, but the exhibition makes it clear that it comes rather to a denial. The idea of negation is actually the nodal point between the two artists.

The works of Ivan Paskalev can be classified as “abstract moving video sculpture”. He uses parts from different devices for reproduction of image, however with changed function and beyond their usual context. These are now an element of artistic form, along with fragments of other images, which they have once broadcast. They are almost impossible to reproduce. This manner of work resembles an act of demolition but without an element of aggression. In fact, Ivan Paskalev is interested in infinity, in constant renewal. The breakdown of technological devices is the way to create something completely new.

In this exhibition, Vladislav Georgiev deals with the breakdown of analogue materials and everyday objects. The hydrochloric acid has been used as an artistic material on a 1980s cult designer’s commodity. It is not about the effect of “picturesque ruins”, but it literally comes to gradual and irreversible deterioration. This originates from his previous project*, where various objects from the past are pimped up – improved such as to respond to modern hipster culture. Now, he deliberately intervenes with a reverse sign. The improvement is replaced by degradation, which to a great extent expresses confrontation to vanity and diligence typical of art. Vladislav Georgiev also makes references to John Carroll Lynch’s film “Lucky” (2017) in the form of a “Sunday” drawing, a portrait of the main character.
It is no accident that the title of the exhibition cites this film. The film story can be associated with the collaboration between Ivan Paskalev and Vladislav Georgiev. At one point, the following dialogue is running:
“– Realism is a thing.
– Oh yeah? How do you mean?
– It’s the practice of accepting a situation as it is…
and being prepared to deal with it accordingly.”

These simple thoughts can be associated with the relationships of an artist making abstract art and an artist making concrete art. With a common interest in denial.

Good luck, lucky boys!

The exhibition is part of the “Two Equals One” Project of the Kreo Kultura Foundation curated by Daniela Radeva. It has been realized with the financial support of the Culture Fund of Varna Municipality.