Vladislav Georgiev

Vladislav Georgiev, born in 1979, graduated in Interior Design in Munich. He lives and works in Munich and Sofia. His solo exhibitions were shown in Club Vlaikova Gallery (2010); Goethe-Institut, Sofia (2010); Pistolet Gallery, Sofia (2011); The Gallery of the Bulgarian Cultural Center, Berlin (2012); Punktum Kunst YIPYAB, Munich (2012); Pistolet Gallery (2013); * Pimp My Life, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia (2014); Nefela-Bags, Sofia (2017). He participated in Contempo 4, Varna (2011); in exhibitions at Industrial 11 Gallery (2010); Credo Bonum Gallery (2012); BAZA AWARD, Contemporary Art Prize (2015). He is the creator of the Nefela-Bags brand.