Marko Stamenkovic

Born in the south of Serbia, Marko Stamenkovic (1977) is an art historian whose interests revolve around the political rationality of image-making and visual communication in the global context. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Ghent in Belgium with the thesis entitled “Suicide Cultures: Theories and Practices of Radical Withdrawal” (2014). Over the last decade, he has been working primarily in the field of contemporary visual arts as a curator, critic, writer, and lecturer focused on the intersection of visual thinking with social theories, political philosophies, and cultural practices of the oppressed. Since early 2000s, he has been curating projects and exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, among which: All Joy Wants Eternity (Tirana, 2017), Put Your Faith in Women (Vienna, 2016), Hello From The Other Side: Europe, Migration, and The Emperor’s New Clothes (Vienna, 2016), A Rainha Vermelha (Gent, 2013), After a Few Days in Our New Cave We Found the Perfect Spot (Zrenjanin, 2011), Withdrawal Syndrome (Niš, 2011), The Spirit of Nature – 14th Art Biennial (Pančevo, 2010), Hammam (Vranje, 2010), Zirkus Grau – Préparations pour un miracle (Prague, 2010), One Little Indian – And Then There Were None (Paris, 2010), Splav Meduze (Celje, 2009), Private Dancers (Belgrade, 2007), A Life Less Glamorous (Belgrade, 2006), and Dis-Economy of Life (Zagreb/ Osijek/ Skopje/ Bucharest/ Budapest/ Sofia, 2006).