Albena Baeva

Albena Baeva works in the fields of interactive design, experimental video, sound art and performance art. In 2010 she graduated in the Digital Art master program from the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is a co-organizer of Dorkbot Sofia and Ignite Sofia and is part of Reaktiv. She uses open source software and ”do it yourself“- methodsfor building new musical instruments and interactive installations for urban spaces and galleries. In 2009 Albena Baeva founded the Runabout project as a platform for communication and interaction between artists and musicians. Her work includes interactive videos and sound performances developed mostly as  part of the Runabout project. In 2011 she won the international prize for contemporary art from the Essl Museum, Vienna, Austria and the VIG (Vienna Insurance Group) Special Invitation. Works of Albena Baeva have been shown in Austria, Germany, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria.