First Annual Group Exhibition :: 18.12 :: 2013 - 18.01 :: 2014

An annual group exhibition
a “Kreo kultura” foundation project

The “Third Finger” is the subject of the exhibition marking one year of the existence of Contemporary space. It will present the artists that have exhibited in the gallery space during the year of 2013.
Albena Baeva, Angel Karagiozov, Dimitar Traychev, Ivan Moudov, Kaloyan Iliev Kokimoto, Nadejda Oleg Lyahoa, Neno Belchev, Nikolay Ninov, Peter Minchev, Stella Vassiliva, Tsvetan Krastev, Yulian Tabakov.

The chosen theme is related to the character of the year 2013 in which the ancient, more than 2000 years gesture has been consolidate as a symbol of division, protest and a total rejections of dialogue. At the same time it became a banner of resentment against the attempt of degradation of the native strive for not material values that lives in any individual.

The gesture has been widely used without any restrictions of religion, gender, sexual orientation, racial or class belonging.

The “Third Finger” is a project aiming to provide assessment of the author’s valuation of today’s reality seen through the context of the topic and providing a complete freedom in the choice of techniques, genres and media.