Cvetan Krastev

Cvetan Krastev was born in 1961 in Varna, Bulgaria.
He graduated in 1981 from the Specialized Secondary Art School in Kazanlak, Bulgaria.
Since 1985 he has worked primarily in the spheres of land art, conceptual art and video art. He is experimenting with these forms which are a synthesis between varieties of genres. He is interested in the boundaries between art and real life, where the differences are subtle and blurred. His artistic works and projects have been shown in numerous festivals throughout Bulgaria and abroad, which include: Visual Immortality, Basel, Switzerland; Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Niš, Serbia; With Robert Musil – Helpless Europe, Ruse, Bulgaria and Vienna, Austria; Novohrad Museum and Gallery, Lučenec, Slovakia; International  Biennial of Contemporary Art, Cairo, Egypt; International Triennial of Plastic Arts, Aalborg, Denmark; International Triennial of Graphic Arts, Prague, Czech Republic and many more.