Ivan Moudov :: 12.10 - 10.11 :: 2018

Solo Show by Ivan Moudov.
October 12 – November 10
Opening: October 12, 7 p.m.
Contemporary Space, Varna

Ticket to Music – behind this confusing and incomprehensible title, there stands the new work of perhaps the most provocative artist in Bulgaria, Ivan Moudov. The exhibition, specifically adapted to the space of Contemporary Space, is a study of the relationships between individuals and institutions. This happens with the use of sound, text, technical devices, digital technologies as well as of physical energy and power. In principle, Ivan Moudov does not fit into the so-called “immersive art”, the art you immerse yourself in. But the forthcoming exhibition, apart from being feasible to be intellectually and emotionally perceived, has the characteristics to directly affect some senses. Or in other words, this is an exhibition where you can sink.

A major role in this perception has the sound work Ticket to Music created together with the American composer Steven Takasugi. The composition recreates the idea of confrontation – between those subordinate to the norm, even mechanized actions of the representatives of the authorities, and the individual human behavior. The fine for a vignette, which has expired over several hours only, has been transformed into music in two different ways – by a computer-generated performance for harp and piano and the same performed by a piano player. The source is the same – the information contained in a traffic violation ticket.

The exhibition, based on interconnected installation, performance and sound, is the latest work in a row of Ivan Moudov in which he interprets administrative flaws. Not so much civil responsibility, but rather taking advantage of the system’s shortcomings is the subject of his earlier works One Hour Priority (2000) and 14:13 Minutes Priority (2005). This tendency is further deepened in his works dealing with the functions of the institutions as a whole and, in particular, of the artistic institutions in such works as Fragments (2003-2008) and MUSIZ (2005-). Ticket to Music represents a different artistic treatment of the theme that may lie ahead of Ivan Moudov to further develop it. The use of transformed sound in art, establishing itself lately as mainstream in Bulgaria, Ivan Moudov implemented back in 1999 yet in the four parts of his work Conversation. In his later works of the recent years, sound, text, and information in the broader sense are “processed” at ever higher levels of meaning.

Daniela Radeva

This exibition is realized with the support of:
Kreo Kultura Foundation