Kaloyan Iliev - Kokimoto :: 09.05 - 15.05 :: 2016


Sculptures and Prints Series by Kokimoto
9-15 May 2016 / Opening: 9 May – 7 pm
Series of twelve original gesso sculptures and three prints (linocuts) all designed, sculpted, hand painted, printed and signed by Kokimoto. Each MATRYO$KA is unique (one of a kind) and was created through a handmade process. Hereof features on figures may vary slightly. The prints are made with traditional linocut technique in three varieties: yellow, blue, black and white. The colorful graphics are printed in limited edition of 25 pieces / each, while black and white are 15 pieces.
The idea behind MATRYO$KA series revolves around traditional image and contemporary form of classical doll.
“I grow up surrounded by Russian culture, which left a lasting mark on my work as an artist. One of my favorite objects on influence of this time is Matryoshka, also known as a Russian doll, consisting of a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. In my sculptures I am changing the basic characteristics of traditional Matryoshka. Keeping only the external form I’m creating a new character with the same name, with one little change. Instead “sh” in original name (“Matryoshka”) I’m using dollar sign (“$”) for two reasons: The first is that the sign looks just like the two letters one over another (SH=$) and second to attach western contemporary type of eastern traditional idea for Russian doll.”