third annual exhibition :: 18.12 .2015 - 18.01 :: 2016

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Third Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Space

“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”
Oscar Wilde

ERROR 003 is the theme of the third annual exhibition, a curatorial project of the Kreo Kulture Foundation, presenting all artists with solo exhibitions in the past 2015 in Contemporary Space:
Vladimir Ivanov, Ivo Bistrichki, Krasimir Rusev, Mariela Gemisheva, Nikola Mihov, Neno Belchev, Peter Tzanev, Stella Vasileva.

Traditionally, the annual exhibitions of the “Space” endeavor to capture the spirit of the past year. The initiators choose as the theme of the 2015 the “Error.” Over the period under review, the society has witnessed the terror attack at the “Charlie Hebdo” editorial offices, the war in Ukraine, the escalation of the situation in Syria, the refugee wave washing over Europe, the opening of the monument to Tsar Samuel of Bulgaria in Sofia and the long-expected National Gallery “Square 500″, the chain crash in the “Vitinya” tunnel, the ricochet of the border policeman, the local elections, the terrorist attacks in Paris, the downed Russian plane, etc.

The theme of ERROR 003 is infinite in scope, thus providing for all artists complete freedom in the choice of techniques, genres and media.

The project aims to present the artists’ interpretation of the amazing ability of the public to allow the same mistakes, to assimilate dramatic information in colossal proportions and to reduce it to simple life experience.

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