Kalin Serapionov :: 09.05 - 08.06 :: 2014

Choose Training by Kalin Serapionov (b. 1967) is the second work in the project VIDEOCAVE curated by Maria Vassileva. VIDEOCAVE is showcasing video installations – a specific kind of contemporary art production that engages the concrete environment where it is exhibited. The installation is created especially for Contemporary Space in Varna in dialogue with its architectural profile and aura.

The artist has borrowed the title from the world of high-tech fitness gear that offers the possibility to choose a specific program. He is offering new options to the highly automated everyday life of people which demands the constant making of choices – one can look closely into the world, which is passing us by while often remaining unnoticed.

The installation consists of three synchronized projections. They are all offering real footage filmed on the streets of a huge urban center. Brightly lit advertisements are followed by static shots of still buildings. The chaos of fragments, lights and contrasts is gradually falling into a fluent total image. It is occasionally infiltrated by frames from the now traditional ways of entertainment and leisure; these are meant to reinforce the impression of a clichéd way of life.

The sound track is especially created by Angel Simitchiev in order to underline the artificiality of the environment but also to construct a complex rhythm where all the massive variety of images could live together.

The current project is a continuation of the work Kalin Serapionov started with the video installation As far Away as Near (ICA-Sofia Gallery, 2013) where the lunar eclipse is juxtaposed with the lights of advertisement, this symbol of consumerism. The artist’s professional interests are shifting away from the popular documentary approach to video and are directed towards the creation of a powerful and highly efficient vision, which is simultaneously using the world of modern advertisement while critically reflecting on the clichés it is able to generate.

The artist expresses his gratitude to Maria Vassileva, Vladiya Mihaylova, Dimitar Dilkov, Spiro Petrov, Temelko Temelkov, Playground, Eva Stoilova, Vasil Atanasov, Fitness Center “Slavia Sportes”, Ilinka Tchergarova, Teodora Spasova, Ioan Galabov, Dimi Solakov, Irena Solakova, Georgi Nikolov, Angle Simitchiev, Dimitar Apostolov, and Kiril Yanakiev for their help in the realization of this project.

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