Ivan Kostolov :: 8.03 - 28.03 :: 2014

For his exhibition at Contemporary space, Varna Ivan Kostolov has chosen to disclose two series of paintings which he developed since 2010. Even without specific titles the artworks were definitely formed as cycles that kept for long the author’s attention.

The paintings from the first cycle have gained popularity as “lettuce”. They have appeared at an exhibition under the name of “Weltsalate” – a play upon words with literal translation “world salad” or “salad world”.
In these paintings Ivan Kostolov has developed his capacity to find a prosaic element from the reality that reflects the entire existence. He has turned the neglected green vegetable into a powerful tsunami of our live.
The works from the second cycle could be combined by the matter of “honey”. The popular and in a way populist for the last years thesis concerning the death of bees as a notified Apocalypses has been developed in an unusual way, without whimpering or obsequious following of trendy clichés.
Using his own impressions, Kostolov has made the matter sound universally. The apiarists resemble astronauts and the relief of the honeycomb a matrix for a world order.
Being a German graduate Ivan Kostolov has brought the newest trends in painting to us. That transformed the world of art and put painting into focus again, which makes him so distinct and popular.
Classical and modern, realistic and abstract are joined together. Painting, that takes advantages of photography, cinema, design and the new technologies. The language of expression is mostly figurative and puts the works in the dynamics of the very contemporary conversation without depriving it of poetry and romance.

Ivan Kostolov (1972, Plovdiv) is a graduate of scenic art at the Art School, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He studies scenography in the National Academy of Art, Sofia (1994 – 1996). From 1999 – 2001 Ivan Kostolov studied in Mainz Academy of Art. From 2001 to 2006 he was a student of the world – known painter professor Herman Hitch and in 2006 he graduated the master class of professor Krista Neer in Stadel Academy in Frankfurt on Main.

Maria Vassileva