Extinction of Memory
Kamen Startchev :: 22.11 - 09.12 :: 2017

Extinction of Memory

The truth is that for years I have been drawing by using electricity. Nothing, of what I made, would have been possible if I did not always have available single-phase alternating current at frequency of 50 Hz and voltage of 220 V. I always followed the safety rules without using rubber gloves (I paint without hands, don’t I).
There are countless ways to create an image. Each means of expression is specific and distinct from another. The choice, regardless of whatever it is dictated by, always yields a different result. Using watercolors I would not have been able to make that, what I would have achieved with acrylic and vice versa. In the end, the goal is always the image. It is no accident that I don’t use the word picture but an image instead.


It is the ultimate goal and result of a difficult-to-comprehend process. I am not aware how much I’m the creator of what I do, and I do not think that’s important either. For me, it’s enough that through vector graphics I can achieve the sensation I’m trying to create or render.
To change details with precision and accuracy, to change the whole composition and the elements in it, etc., etc. … So much about technique. Creating an image, its perception and interpreting are one of the most interesting things in the world. Something in which the hand has always been one of the most preferred intermediaries.

Kamen Startchev
for Bulgarian Poetic Society