installation, video, photographs :: 02.11 - 20.11 :: 2016

Kalin Serapionov
Solo Exhibition
2nd- 20th November 2016
exhibition opening, 2nd November, 7 p.m.

Kalin Serapionov’s work is a kind of visual poetry where the syntax merges together colors, volumes, contrast, details, and captured movement; repetitions, speeding up or slowing down, sound effects, depth, and light… Simplified, mystically disrobed and removed from the talkative life, the images created by the artist are metaphors and symbols. They are visual fragments that offer a chance to see more or at least to pay much more attention.

The solo presentation of the artist at Contemporary Space showcases three works of various contexts and exhibition histories. It is an exhibition about the emotional spaces in the life of today; about the hope and the sharing, the security and the loneliness; about phantasms and the virtual. Each work is not only a stand-alone statement but reveals the scale of the artist’s visual thinking where the artistic approach is substantiated by the expressive means of the video, the photograph, and the object.

“Installation Look” from 2016 is a series of photographs and computer project-drawings intermixed with images. Constructed entirely from the same material used for the preparation, the research and the working process of the artist, this piece is equally a personal “manifesto” and a window opened up for the viewer. The various parts of the installation unite geographical locations and temporal segments from Los Angeles and San Francisco, to Bologna and Roma, and all the way to the beach in Varna and the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The urban spaces and symbols, the squares, the people, the monuments, the plates, the chairs, the beaches, and the houses are those photographic instants and situations that are engaging the attention of the author.

Although the works of Kalin Serapionov are musings on reality, on life here and now, they are in no way documentary. In most cases the artist is framing some detail while giving us the option to observe from a distance so that we may reflect on it and allow ourselves to be erotically attracted by the power of its autonomy. The video work “Displace (no wig, no lipstick, no phone and no cigarettes)” from 2016 is precisely such kind of distancing and disrobing the image – it is devoid of substance and morphs into colorful, abstract curves and linear mutations that are indicating movement, time and space. For the first time in his work the artist is using 3D which awards the image with almost cosmic depth, which is saturated by the fluctuating color waves and the sound composed by Angel Simitchiev. This work was created on the basis of another preceding video titled “A Blond Woman in a Red Dress and Bright Lipstick is Talking on the Phone and Smoking a Cigarette” (2016). It has similar abstract qualities although behind the color diagrams and curves on the screen there is somewhere a real blond woman with flashy red lipstick. However, we can only imagine her.

The dematerialization of the image in the video for the show at Contemporary Space is compensated for by the materiality of the object. The third work is titled “I am Safe” (2016) and it is a red neon sign, which is repeatedly giving us the same phrase. The text has the character of a hash tag but the letters are composed in such a way that there is neither beginning nor end; it seems the words go on to infinity. The artist has used here an often repeated post in Facebook that people are using while under a terrorist attack or natural disaster. “I am safe” also means “I am real”, “I am present”, which refers back to the reality and materiality of bodies beyond the virtual space. At the same time this is the kind of sign for the presence of the human being, which the main focus of interest for the author.

Vladiya Mihaylova

The exhibition is supported by The Gaudenz B. Ruf Award.

Special thank to Goran Kissiov, Ivan Moudov and Angel Simitchiev