Stanimir Genov :: 12.10 - 30.10 :: 2016

An exhibition by Stanimir Genov
12th – 30th october 2016
opening 12th October, 7 p.m.

The exhibition by Stanimir Genov presented at Contemporary Space, Varna is entitled “Avalanche”, something that is not typical for the region. The paintings exhibited in this “show” invoke another avalanche – a dense, total, at times psychedelic, colorful territory – neither a landscape, nor an abstract composition. Undefined inner state, which finds its visual expression in avalanche of forms, pre-images, almost-figures, quasi-spaces, half-gestures, etc.
The thus-described situation explains the title. The avalanche is a disaster, a riot, but yet it stops somewhere below, and in its shattered piles and volumes people and animals may be trapped there, and equally they may not be. The element of snow dust passes away as to settle in messy layers of heavy, thick mass. The compression of material and space, as in the visual expression of the works, generates new weight – different in terms of type and content – weight that like everything in painting intuitively directs to metaphorical, even lyrical reading. Poetics of a new world created by the debris of the destroyed old world is present in the works of the exhibition. Avalanche – completely tangible. This formula is not new, or special, it is a classic one. This lends the hidden power of such painting – it is lasting forever, even in its excess and radicalism.

Yovo Panchev