International Forum
For Non-Objective Art :: 20.01 - 05.02 :: 2015

International Forum For Non-Objective Art


Anna-Maria Bogner (at), Arjan Janssen (nl), Bob Bonies (nl), Bruno Haas (de), Dóra Maurer (hu), Georgi Dimitrov (bg), Guillaume Millet (fr), Krasimira Stikar (bg/at), Maria Chakarova (bg), Max Bill (ch), Richard Van Der Aa (nz), Simon Ingram (nz), Yorgos Vourlidas (gr)

(admission free)

20 January, 19.00 – “Max Bill: The Master’s Vision” (directed by Erich Schmid, Switzerland, 2008 – german/english subtitles)
21 January, 19.00 – “When Chagall Was Worth Less Than a Pound of Potatoes (directed by Yorgos Zervas and Yorgos Papakonstantinou, Greece, 1996 – greek/english subtitles)

(admission free, donations)

21 January, 21.00 h – moodix & neyko bodurov

Due to a complex of historical and cultural factors, the absolute and pure visual forms reached by Malewicz and Mondrian in the early 1910s have almost no influence on bulgarian modern art. Hence, one may argue that bulgarian modernism is deprived of its natural integrity without a consciously held non-objective period. A prerequisite for its emergence can be found in the maturation of contemporary bulgarian civil society. In its core this is an interactive process where civil society is the principal beneficiary of the promotion of non-objective art forms. Examples of such successful collaboration between society and non-objective aesthetics can be observed in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland, as well as in societies much closer to our political fate like Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania, where constructive and conceptual traditions date back to several decades ago.

Conceived as an international forum in 2011, Orthogonal aims at introducing the bulgarian cultural public to selected artists and theoreticians, who work in the field of non-objective and constructive art. Apart from an exhibition of artifacts the event, whose second edition took place last year in Sofia, offers a programme of open lectures and screenings dealing with contemporary and historical issues of this yet little known in Bulgaria art movement. The Black Sea edition of Orthogonal14 visits Varna at the invitation of Contemporary Space where the work of 13 artists from 9 countries will be presented. The exhibition will include oil and acrylic painting, drawings, graphic, video and animation art. The opening will be followed by a screening of “Max Bill: The Master’s Vision”. another documentary screening – “When Chagall was Worth Less Than a Pound of Potatoes” – will be shown on the next day. The 2-day-programme closes with an idm/braindance party by Moodix and a live performance by Neyko Bodurov.