Youlian Tabakov :: 08.02 - 28.03 :: 2017

a photographic exhibition by Youlian Tabakov
February 8th – February 28th
contemporary space
23 Marko Balabanov Str, Varna, Bulgaria
official opening February 8th at 7 p.m.

The project is supported by Ms Koyana Trencheva.

MOMENTS is an art project, including a series of large format photographs – portraits of the great Bulgarian actress Zlatina Todeva and the artist Mariy Rosen. Zlatina Todeva is well known not only as an actress, but is also admired for her courage to experiment in all forms of art at the peak of her career. The fragile image of her nudity shows us old age and the body before its demise. The individual series of photographs go through intimacy and longing, and reach sanctity.
The photographs were taken in January 2007, few months before Zlatina Todeva passed away. In fact, these are her last photographs.