Amorpha Youth Foundation presents: Breakwater Talks: English
MUSIC IN THE NOW :: 21.05.2107 :: 18:00

Amorpha Youth Foundation presents: Breakwater Talks : English

Guest speaker: MILEN APOSTOLOV
Venue: Contemporary Space – 23 Marko Balabanov Str.
Date: 21 May 2017, Saturday
Time: 18:00 h / 1 h 30 min

ENTRANCE: 5 lv donation

Music in the Now:
○ Are the classics the new underground?
○ Success and failure for creatives under 30
○ Musical composition: aesthetics, contemporaneity, functionality

About the speaker:
Milen Apostolov (b.1991) is a Bulgarian music composer and conductor. He is among 2015 Bulgaria “FORBES 30 under 30″, the selected 30 game changers across twenty industries aged under 30 years. Currently, Apostolov is orchestral conductor at Varna State Opera, Bulgaria.
In 2015 he graduated from the Bulgarian Music Academy with degrees in orchestral conducting and composition. From 2013 to 2014, he acted as assistant conductor at State Musical Theatre “Stefan Makedonski”. Since 2012 he has conducted dozens of concerts with the Academic Symphonic Orchestra.
In his creative work as composer, he is blending acoustic and classical sound with electronic music from 21 century. His compositions are preformed at various festivals among which ppIANISSIMO, the International Festival for Contemporary Piano Music. Some of them are stored at the library of the University of Preforming Arts in Gratz. The compositions range from symphonies and sonatas to music for films, theatrical plays and contemporary dance. His ongoing works constitute a new music genre blending classical traditions and new electronic, alternative and indie music.

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Public talks on a variety of topics by local and foreign presenters. We are aiming to create healthy discussion forums, exchange opinions, involve foreign diaspora, help improve fluency in a range of key languages, especially by young people. We have selected as venues the local spots which these languages and their cultures inhabit.


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